Podcasting editing and hosting service

Podcasting for BusinessMaking a podcast is great fun – the technical side can be less so. But don’t worry help is at hand. Together with my colleagues at Studio Line 14 (site in Dutch) we have a variety of options for you.

We will make your podcast sound fantastic and make sure it is professionally published and distributed maximising your chance of success.

Basic editing: 

You send us your recorded audio we can train you to do this too and we’ll make it sound great. One hour of editing costs €95* – this includes adding into and outro tunes, removal of mistakes (you need to give me the time codes) , sound balance, compression, noise reduction, normalisation and delivery in .mp3 format.

Advanced editing also available on request. Making soundscapes, cinematic style audio-storytelling in multi-track edits using advanced audio techniques.

Contact me today and get the plan that best suits your needs.

* VAT (it’s called BTW where I am based, in the Netherlands) will be added to the prices above. This is 21%, if you are a company or non-profit you can claim this money back when you do your tax returns. This is an obligatory cost I have to charge from the tax authorities. 

These prices listed here are for monthly packages. Packages can be cancelled without extra costs with a calendar month’s notice.