Podcasting for business and non-profits

Podcasting is great for Business and Non-Profits

Producing a podcast gives you a new channel to reach your customers/stakeholders.  It is great for:

Podcasting for Business

  • Generating new leads
  • establishing yourself as a thought leader in your field
  • building communities
  • involving customers/stakeholders
  • networking/organic marketing
  • giving your customers/stakeholders a voice
  • creating intimacy and loyalty

I can help you set up a podcast for your business – contact me

Here’s a pilot podcast I recently made for the Dutch Food and Business Knowledge Platform about innovative new approaches needed to feed ever-growing mega-cities around the world.

This is a good podcast from American podcaster Tyler Anderson – a good explanation of the  power of podcasting.


Tips for Creating a Successful Podcast (from Rob Simon US podcast producer for small business)

After seeing the potential for podcasts to play an important role in marketing plans in 2005, Rob Simon launched Burst Marketing, a firm that specializes in producing podcasts for small businesses. Simon produces about a dozen podcasts, including Beyond the Book.

These are his tips for making yours successful.

  • Consistent Frequency: Just like a newspaper or magazine, podcast listeners will expect a new episode of your podcast on a regular interval. If you don’t deliver, you’ll lose them.
  • Determine Your Audience: Think about what information the people who are trying to reach want. Generally, this is not a commercial about your company.
  • Promote Your Podcast Elsewhere: “You can’t just expect people to find your podcast,” Simon says. Promote it on your website, Twitter, Facebook and at the bottom of your e-mails.
  • Be Patient: “It takes awhile for a podcast to catch on, and few become huge hits. Don’t get caught up in numbers. If you’re trying to be a thought leader, maybe 1,000 of the right people are better than 10,000 random people.”

From zero to podcast hero

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The man behind Entrepreneurs on Fire built a community – he calls Fire Nation – from scratch and now is one of top ranked US podcasts. His site has tons of free resources on how to get started


Another is Pat Flynn – seven great things that happened because of podcasting.

Here’s a presentation a recently gave on podcasting explaining what it is and the potential it has – it is a powerpoint with audio.



contact me for more on how to get started with podcasting – I can produce the podcasts for you or train and coach so you or your team so you can do it yourself.

I can take care of audio hosting too and placing your podcast in iTunes so it will be distributed to both IOS and Android apps – this is where most people listen to podcasts via apps on their smartphone. The hosting service also includes a simple website you can use to promote your podcast.