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Interested in podcasting?
I offer training for individuals and for companies and can help you start your own podcast. I also offer editing and production services for individual podcasters and organisations.

start your own podcast - Andy Clark

Start your podcast today
I offer services and training  in English and Dutch (together with my Dutch colleague and fellow podcast enthusiast Richard den Haring).

Contact me at for details and pricing.

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Have a podcast idea but don’t want to have the production hassle? We offer podcast studio services at a pop up studio location in Leiderdorp  – Studio Lijn 14  – or on location. In combination with coaching, editing and post production services we offer full podcast support.  We can find you a podcast audio host and register your podcast in iTunes. Your podcast can also feature on the number one Dutch podcast site 

Follow this link for latest training in English dates

Why Podcast?

Podcasting is a great communication tool for companies. You build brand awareness and establish yourself as a thought-leader setting the agenda in your branch. Bring the main players in your field in front of your own microphone and ask the burning questions your target audience wants answered.

Breakdown the silos
Podcasts can also be used in internal communications. To strengthen teams and increase understanding between colleagues across departments and locations. Tell the stories in your company, bring colleagues closer together and build a strong team spirit. I can train someone in your organisation to do this or produce this for you.

You also use it as an effective communication tool to keep a team spread across different locations, nationally or worldwide,  up to speed with company developments. And let your colleagues have their say via the podcast too – highlight new developments, successes in one area that can be repeated elsewhere and a whole lot more.

Go your own way
For individuals podcasting is just great – yes I’m a fan. It’s a wonderful way of expressing your creativity and taking your passion to a wider audience. Professional help in the start up phase will  save you a lot of time and allow you to achieve your communication goals quickly.

My Background
Who am I? My name is Andy Clark –  Linked In – I am a professionally qualified journalist with over 25 years experience, having worked for newspapers, online and radio. My main focus has been radio and I have worked for the BBC, Radio Television Hong Kong and Radio Netherlands Worldwide. I have produced and presented news, documentaries, discussion programmes and live events. For the last few years I have worked in senior management positions running media projects around the world, now I am combining my experience and offering a range of services as a communication consultant. Podcasting is one of my main focus areas.