Best Ways to Listen to Podcasts

andy-clark-2Podcasting is relaxing and user friendly. You can listen to podcasts whenever you want, stream them online – or better still subscribe and download to your phone and listen whenever you want whilst cycling, commuting or whatever.

The joy of podcast is its intimacy, hearing people tell their stories brings it all a lot closer by.

A recent LinkedIn survey found 35% of its users worldwide are listening to podcast with the numbers growing. For people under 35 the average is 44% and the more senior a position the person holds the more likely they are to listen,  according to the survey

How to
Here are some handy films if you need some initial support in jumping onto the podcast bandwagon.

iPhone or iPad how to subscribe and listen to podcasts


Android how to subscribe and listen to podcasts


Check out my website for the Here in Holland podcast for English speakers in the Netherlands.

More ways to listen to podcasts- try Stitcher – a sort of Spotify for podcasts.

Apple users might like Overcast and there’s SoundCloud too which works across different platforms. There are many more apps in both the App Store and Google Play Store – just search podcast.

Here’s a film featuring This American Life host Ira Glass explaining how to podcast, made at the time they launched the now world famous spin-off Serial which gave podcasting a whole new lease of life.



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