Is podcasting effective?

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Podcasting is a great tool for all sorts of communication goals – it is storytelling in its purest form. The human voice is direct and intimate, emotions are conveyed Andy05quickly and easily.

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Podcasting is growing in popularity and with the ever-present smartphone more and more people are downloading podcast apps and listening to all kinds of specialist content.

Is podcasting effective?

Here’s fragment from a recent podcast series I produced with the British Embassy in the Netherlands. The series is called Celebrating Connections and is available in all podcast apps and Spotify.

And here’s a link to another series I just produced for the Insititue on Statelessness and Inclusion from Tilburg University in the Netherlands. The Paperless People Podcast

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And here’s a powerpoint I made on The Joy of Podcasts. I am often asked to give talks on what podcasting can do for organisations.

By telling your stories in this direct and accessible way you can increase impact and exposure.  Here in Holland is a podcast I make for English speakers in the Netherlands. Here in Holland is now also available in Spotify

We communicate through stories – information alone leaves us cold and we can only take it in small doses before zoning out. Podcasts offer an added narrative dimension and are a great way of communicating in a way  which will be remembered.

Good podcasts take the listener on an emotional journey which stays with them.

Audio on-demand
Downloaded whilst online and listened to offline whilst walking, cycling, commuting or whatever else, podcasts are on-demand audio – Netflix for radio, some say.

Audio from podcasts can also be easily embedded online and shared via social media.   Podcasts are available on your smartphone via apps and are super easy to find and use. Not sure how it works? Then skip over to the Best Ways to Listen to Podcasts page.

Podcasting for your organisation
Podcasting is also a powerful communication tool for companies and organisations. Establish your self as  a thought-leader in your field.

You know your niche – why not bring the discussion in your field together in a podcast? Get the questions of your stakeholders answered, embed in your social media and further grow your community. It’s a great way to profile issues you are interested in.

It’s a new channel to reach out and showcase your work. For example the Financial Times reaches a whole new audience with its podcast series on entrepreneurs.

By podcasting you are creating a new effective online channel and it can be done at a fraction of the cost of video production.

NGOs can profile stories from their projects this way. Hear from the people whose lives are being changed – real stories of real change.

For companies – tell your success stories too.

Podcasts for internal communication

Tell the stories in your company, bring colleagues closer together by getting to know their back stories and build a stronger team spirit. Think of it as working on the social capital of your team – studies show this improves the bottom line.

Or simply use the podcast to get vital information out across a workforce split across different locations, nationally or globally.

Podcasts are effective
Podcasting is growing rapidly in popularity, it is personal and intimate and through storytelling generates a lasting impression on listeners. It is a great option for all kinds of subjects and can be used by for profit and non-profits alike to tell the stories of their projects.

In the non-profit world podcasts can be a great addition to the monitoring and evaluation mix, illustrating theories of change in action and giving a voice (literally) to those involved.

In the business world they are a great tool to showcase priority projects to key stakeholders and, used internally, podcasts can also boost team spirit and increase trust and understanding thus adding to a company’s social capital.

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There are more tools too to help promote your podcast online – like this one Headliner App  – you can make transcriptions of quotes form your podcast and add images to create nice videos to promote your show.

Who am I? My name is Andy Clark –  Linked In – I am a professional journalist with over 25 years experience, having worked for newspapers, online and radio. My main focus has been radio and I have worked for the BBC, Radio Television Hong Kong and Radio Netherlands Worldwide. I have produced and presented news, documentaries, discussion programmes and live events. For the last few years I have worked in senior management positions running media projects around the world, I am now combining my experience and offering a range of services as a communication consultant. Podcasting is one of my  focus areas. I also advise on online strategic communications.